Electrical Safety Training Schedule

Electrical Safety Training Wearing Arc Flash PPE2016 NFPA 70E       4-Hour Arc Flash Training

Great introductory course to arc flash, electrical hazards and many of the complex standards and regulations per OSHA & NFPA70E. Students will gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and respect for the power of electricity and the damage that it can cause to people and equipment. This training is based on the following codes and standards from the NFPA 70E 2015, OSHA 29CFR 1910 Subpart S Electrical, IEEE 1584, NEC 2014, ANSI, and ASTM.

Electrical Safety Specialists Nationwide Arc Flash Training Course

Who Should Attend This Training?

This training is essential for anyone who works on or near energized electrical equipment from maintenance workers, experienced electricians, machine operators, environmental health & safety professionals, corporate safety executives, facility engineers, and anyone else tasked with electrical safety in the work place.

Topics that will be covered during the training:

  • Arc Flash & Electrical Safety CPR TrainingIntroduction to the 2015 NFPA 70E
  • Standards and Intent
  • Changes for 2015
  • NEC article 110.16
  • Positive Electrical Safety Culture
  • General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Host and contract employer responsibilities
  • Training requirement
  • Electrical Safety program (ESP)
  • Job Briefing
  • Shock Hazards
  • Insulated Tools and Equipment
  • Meter safety
  • Arc Flash/Blast Hazards
  • Electrically Safe Work Condition
  • Examples of ESWC and working within Limited Approach Boundary
  • PPE Requirements
  • Understanding Arc Flash and Shock Hazard Labeling Requirements

Dates and Locations:

  • New dates coming soon. Please check back.