Mastering Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tagout Training, ESS, Mastering Training

Lockout Tagout training is an indispensable element in safeguarding lives and assets in the workplace. By understanding the potential hazards, correctly implementing LOTO programs, and maintaining a strong safety culture, organizations can protect their most valuable assets—their employees—while preventing costly accidents and disruptions to productivity. A commitment to LOTO training not only ensures compliance with regulations…

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Does OSHA Require NFPA 70E Training?

NFPA 70E Training, ESS, Does OSHA Require it

While OSHA does not explicitly mandate NFPA 70E training compliance, many employers voluntarily adopt the NFPA 70E standard as a best practice to ensure the safety of their workers. Moreover, some state and local regulations may require or reference NFPA 70E training for electrical safety training and procedures.  NFPA 70E serves as a comprehensive guide for workplace…

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