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Electrical Safety Specialists offer electrical safety training.

ESS Knows The Importance Electrical Safety Training In The Workplace

November 8, 2018

For Electrical Safety Specialists (ESS), their mission for Electrical Safety Training is to save lives and reduce injuries by creating a positive safety culture in the workplace for employers and employees alike.  Electrical accidents can cause burns, shocks and electrocution, and without the proper electrical safety can lead to fatal…

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Electrical Safety Training is essential for protecting workers.

Electrical Safety Training Is An Essential Part Of Protecting Workers

September 13, 2018

Employees will gain the knowledge and understanding of today’s electrical safety regulations and standards with experienced instructors and hands-on demonstrations during Electrical Safety Training. Electrical Safety Specialists strongly believes that safety is a mindset; people will not follow regulations if they don’t understand the benefits and how to apply them…

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