Electrical Safety Specialists Provide A Positive Safety Culture Goal

Electrical Safety Training, which is one of our goals at Electrical Safety Specialists, is to give you the tools necessary for a complete Electrical Safety Program and to elevate the awareness of electrical hazards. We believe at Electrical Safety Specialists that if people truly understand the hazards and risks involved with electrical energy, not only will electrical safety be encouraged, it will be accepted with open arms. Once everyone understands the benefits of electrical safety, people will be willing and rewarded for practicing safe work practices. 

Positive Safety Environment
Before we discuss the procedures for an Electrically Safe Work Environment, we must set the stage for a positive safety culture, which includes Electrical Safety Training.

In the beginning there was Fire!
You may have a mental image of a caveman sitting around a fire on a cold winter evening, but instead picture a multi story building burning to the ground in the middle of Buffalo, New York. This was the beginning of electrical safety. When electricity first started showing up in this country, there were very few people with neither the skills nor the equipment for proper installations of electrical power. Basically, if you were brave enough to hook two wires together and do a smoke test you were an electrician.

Electrical Safety Training is provided by ESS.

With this being the case, large amounts of building fires and property damage soon followed. At this time in history, human life was of little monetary value, but property damage was of great concern to the property owners and insurance companies. A catastrophic event such as a factory burning down could mean the end of a company. This is when they decided it would be to everyone’s benefit to standardize electrical installations and equipment. Hence, the National Electrical Code was born in 1897.The primary purpose of this standard was not for personal safety, it was geared toward safe installation of electrical power. The benefits of a safe building also help protect the occupants inside so one might think problem solved. 

Stay “SAFE” work “SMART”

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