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Lockout Tagout Training, ESS, Premiere Training

Enhance Workplace Safety with ESS: A Premier Lockout Tagout Training and Management System

November 23, 2023

Lockout Tagout Training, also referred to as¬†LOTO¬†is a type of safety training that focuses on preventing accidental start-up or release of hazardous energy during equipment maintenance and repair activities. In any industrial or manufacturing setting, workplace safety stands as a paramount concern. Among the leaders providing comprehensive Lockout Tagout Training…

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NFPA 70E Training

Do you need NFPA 70E Training Conducted at Your Location? Contact ESS Today

November 9, 2023

If your company wants to reinforce its commitment to electrical safety and comply with NFPA 70E training standards,¬†Electrical Safety Specialists, also known as ESS, stand ready to conduct on-site training sessions. By partnering with ESS, businesses can ensure their workforce is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate…

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Electrical Safety Training, ESS, Bring Our Training to You

ESS Can Bring Our Electrical Safety Training Programs to Your Locations

October 26, 2023

¬† ¬† Electrical safety training is not just a legal requirement but a moral obligation for any organization dealing with electrical equipment. Such training ensures that employees are aware of the potential hazards associated with electricity and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to prevent accidents and respond appropriately…

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NFPA 70E Training, ESS, Does OSHA Require it

Does OSHA Require NFPA 70E Training?

August 10, 2023

While OSHA does not explicitly¬†mandate¬†NFPA 70E training compliance, many employers voluntarily adopt the NFPA 70E standard as a best practice to ensure the safety of their workers. Moreover, some state and local regulations may require or reference NFPA 70E training for electrical safety training and procedures.¬† NFPA 70E serves as…

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Electrical PPE, ESS, Essenital

Electrical PPE is an Essential Line of Defense in Arc Flash Safety

July 27, 2023

¬† ¬† Electrical PPE is designed to protect workers from the hazards of¬†arc flash¬†incidents. It acts as a barrier between the worker and the potential energy released during an arc flash, reducing the risk of injury and providing valuable time for evacuation or corrective actions. The primary types of electrical…

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Arc Flash Risk Assessment, ESS, Solutions Delivered by ESS

Nationwide Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Solutions Delivered By ESS!

July 13, 2023

An arc flash risk assessment is critical in preventing and minimizing the impact of hazardous events at your workplace. Arc flash refers to an explosive release of energy caused by an electric arc in an electrical system. It occurs when an electrical current deviates from its intended path, generating an…

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Electrical Safety Training, ESS, Benefits Your Workplce

Electrical Safety Training Benefits Your Workplace

June 22, 2023

The primary advantage of providing comprehensive electrical safety training is the protection it offers to employees. Electrical safety training is vital for any organization aiming to prioritize employee well-being and maintain a safe work environment. By understanding the risks associated with electricity and how to lessen them, workers can perform…

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Lockout Tagout Training, Electrical Safety Specialist, 3 Reasons

3 Reasons to Schedule Your Lockout Training Sooner Than Later

May 25, 2023

Lockout tagout training also referred to as LOTO, is a type of safety training that focuses on preventing accidental start-up or release of hazardous energy during equipment maintenance and repair activities. LOTO procedures involve locking and tagging out equipment or machinery to ensure that it cannot be turned on or…

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NFPA 70E Training

Arc Flash Risk Assessment Starts With On-Site Data Collection

April 27, 2023

Arc Flash Risk Assessment as required by OSHA determines the risk level for all areas in your company in which your employees perform work. This assessment is critical to ensuring your workers safety. The Arc Flash Risk Assessment can assist with saving lives and money by creating safe work practices…

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Arc Flash Training NFPA 70e Training Electrical Safety Specialists

NFPA 70E Training – On Site Anywhere Nationwide by ESS

April 13, 2023

NFPA 70E training is recommended for electricians and any other workers whose job entails exposure to electrical hazards. The NFPA 70E training course explains in great detail common electrical hazards, risk assessment problem solving techniques and NFPA and OSHA Resources on safe work practices for electrical work. By receiving proper…

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