Arc Flash Risk Assessment

As required by OSHA and the NFPA 70E, ESS offers electrical Arc Flash Risk Assessment to determine the risk level for all areas in which your employees perform work. This is critical to ensuring worker safety. The purpose of our visit is to help save lives and money by safe work practices and minimize the possibility of injuries and lost time accidents.

Our arc flash Engineering Technicians have several years of experience in commercial/industrial electrical installations and maintenance. They also have extensive training on the intricacies of the data collection process for Arc Flash Risk Assessment, Selective Coordination, Equipment Evaluation, just to name a few.

Our Process for a Turnkey, Peace of Mind Arc Flash Solution

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

On-Site Data Collection

Our studies use 100% verified information via boots-on-the-ground information gathering. Our processes are detailed and thorough. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect this phase which ensures the integrity of our studies are the best in the business!

System Modeling

Using only the information collected during phase 1, ESS will build an SKM model of your system. (ESS can use other softwares upon request.)

Engineering Analyses

ESS will conduct a short circuit analysis, interrupt rating analysis, coordination analysis and incident energy analysis. In completing these analyses, ESS will be able to complete your comprehensive arc flash risk assessment.

Label Application & Training

Upon completion of the engineering work, ESS will return to your site and will install 100% of your arc flash labels. No questions asked, no cut-off points, no thresholds and no future work for your maintenance staff. When we leave your facility, your team will be trained on the existing hazards, electrical PPE requirements and all hazards will have been identified by our team.

Delivery of Reports and Single-Line Drawings

ESS provides an extra layer of quality to our studies by using 2 unique methods. First and foremost, we are the only team in the industry that applies 100% of your labels. This allows us to double check the phase 1 work, phase 2 work and phase 3 work every time! Secondly, by combining this extra QC with a a separation of label application and report and single line delivery, our engineers have a chance to update your system at no extra cost to your team

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