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Qualified Electrical Worker Training With ESS Is Essential For Work Place Safety

Qualified electrical worker training is required of any person working on or near energized equipment greater than 50 volts, per The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 70E. Employing qualified electrical workers will reduce the company’s liability, lost time injuries, death and costly OSHA citations. Participants will be trained, tested, documented and certified by Electrical Safety Specialists in all the requirements necessary to be deemed qualified by the employer.

EES Electrical Safety Specialists training qualified electrical workers important safety training

Electrical Safety Specialists will send a trainer to conduct on-site training for qualified electrical worker training personnel on OSHA, NFPA70E, IEEE1584, NFPA70, and ANSI combined with individualized hands-on exercises in proficiency of skills and a written exam. Electrical safety training students will receive a folder containing Certificate of Achievement, training summary, along with written and photo documentation of proficiency for employer’s permanent records as required by OSHA. The qualified electrical worker training course includes some of the following:

  • Introduction and the latest changes to the NFPA 70E
  • General requirements for electrical safety-related work practices.
  • Elements or written electrical safety program
  • Shock hazards, including shock boundaries, shock protection, and requirements for shock hazard analysis
  • Meter Safety, including proper use of as well as how to pick the correct meter for the correct location

EES Electrical Safety Specialists training qualified electrical workers

  • When the use of Insulated tools and equipment is required and how to pick the correct tool for the location.
  • Requirements for creating an electrically safe work condition.
  • Principals and execution of Lockout/Tagout
  • Arc flash hazard and how to protect personnel against these hazard
  • Standards on when you can and can’t work energized
  • Requirements of an energized electrical work permit
  • Rules associated with Arc Flash Boundaries

EES Electrical Safety Specialists training qualified electrical workers training safety and more

  • How to perform hazard risk assessments
  • Interpreting Arc Flash Labels
  • Who is responsible and how to choose the correct PPE
  • And much more.

For more information about qualified electrical worker training with Electrical Safety Specialists, call (816) 925-0443.

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