Arc Flash

Addressing Arc Flash Hazards In Your Facility

At ESS, we understand the challenges that your team faces on a daily basis. Electrical safety is an ongoing consideration with mandates and regulations that are updated frequently. OSHA identifies arc flash as a key hazard that you must identify and protect your employees from. Keeping your facility safe and in compliance can be a daunting task, however our team can simplify this process and provide a turn key, peace of mind solution. Our processes are innovative and provide the highest quality deliverable via an industry first quality check and delivery process.

Please check out our Arc Flash Risk Assessment detail page to learn more about our process and completing this process your facility can help keep your team safe from electrical hazards.

Identifying the proper training requirements can be difficult but ESS is here to help. Our team of safety experts will help you identify an arc flash training program that suits your team’s needs, specific to the various tasks and job requirements of the different individuals in your facilities.

Contact ESS today to get more information and learn how your employees can receive arc flash training to perform their tasks in an efficient, electrical safe manner. This course will cover the complex standards and regulations per OSHA & NFPA 70E and the latest in OSHA’s enforcement direction of arc flash training. NFPA 70E Training is offered in 4 and 8 hour classes.

arch flash risk assessment training teaches how to read the warning label

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