Out of all 16 years worth of training, this was by far the best one.

Travis Kennedy, NASA

Very knowledgable with real world examples. Made it real and interesting.

Christopher Van Cleave, Honeywell

I want to thank all of you for doing such a great job on this project. The feedback from around the organization has been VERY good. Easily the best performance from a contractor of my entire career!!

Matthew McWethy

Excellent training, every time I have this training I learn something new. Well worth my time. Electrical safety is so important, everyone needs this awareness.

Frank Prusick, Buckeye Partners LP

Well-structured class. Material was both informative, funny, accurate and still serious enough to know how dangerous working near any voltage/electrical spaces.

Shawn Barnes, Ravalli Electric

The class was very interesting and I gained important knowledge. I would recommend anyone to take this class. Going forward I will practice better safety techniques when working with electrical equipment.

Steve Olson, Piedmont

Very informative and educational. I enjoyed humor in some of the videos, which kept me entertained and focused, but the realistic videos showed the dangers and seriousness of what we are working with.

Jeremy Schrewetz, Baxter Healthcare

ESS has been one of the best contractors I have ever dealt with. Doug Tellin and Greg Windisch are always courteous, professional and knowledgeable. They are self-driven and do not need any oversight. We have a facility that has been through several expansions and most of our electrical systems did not have any drawings. After our kick-off meeting and initial plant tour they needed very little guidance or input. I could not be any happier with the customer service and project results I received from ESS. I have used ESS for additional training since our initial project and will be using them again in the future. I highly recommend ESS for anyone who has high standards and expectations from their contractors. I had zero issues with any part of this project and they were very receptive to any schedule changes to help meet our production and plant downtime needs.

Brandon Watson, ConAgra Foods

I have been through several different Arc Flash Training courses, and this was by far the best.

Russell Lomax, Cardinal Glass

Very informative. Refresh of the importance of respecting even the smallest amount of electrical energy equipment.

Randy D Overton, Syncom Space Services

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