Arc Flash Risk Assessment, What Goes into One?

Arc Flash Risk Assessment or Arc Flash Study should be performed at a minimum every five (5) years or when there is a significant change to the electrical system. 

Based in the Kansas City area, ESS offers NFPA 70E training nationwide.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment is a study that will:

·       Identify arc flash hazards
·       Estimate likelihood of severe injury

·       Determine additional protections needed

Arc Flash Risk Assessment is needed so the maximum amount of energy that could be released by equipment requiring maintenance is understood. An Electrical Systems Manager shares, “Additionally, an arc flash study can inform a designer on how to eliminate or reduce hazard risk.”

During your arc flash risk assessment, in the Kansas City MO area or nationwide, we will complete the following:

1. On-Site Data Collection

An ESS field technician will collect the necessary information to complete the arc flash risk assessment. The data included in our study will begin where your team takes ownership of the incoming electrical feed from the utility provider. Our team will work downstream through your system to include all points deemed capable of producing an arc per the IEEE 1584 standard. 

2. Engineering Analysis

Next we use the data gathered during the first step to build a comprehensive SKM model of your electrical system. Then our engineers will conduct a short circuit analysis, an interrupt rating analysis, a coordination study, and an incident energy analysis. We will use the calculated information to create and print the corresponding arc flash labels.

3. Installation of Arc Flash Labels

The third step is a return trip to your facility for the installation of arc flash labels and four hours of NFPA 70E awareness training. Our installation process is thorough and complete; we will not leave your team with any arc flash labels to apply yourself. We do this to ensure all electrical points are properly labeled. This also allows our team to complete a quality check on the original data collection.

4.  Delivery of Report And Single Line Drawings

ESS is the only arc flash provider in the industry that uses Step 3 as an opportunity to update your report and single line drawings per the findings during delivery of arc flash labels. In doing this, our field technician will report any changes/updates back to our engineers upon completion of step 3, allowing the engineer time to update your report and drawings as necessary. If needed, new labels can also be created during this phase. Once all reports and drawings are confirmed to be fully accurate, the report and drawings will be provided to your team.

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