Arc Flash Risk Assessment: What Is It?

An arc flash risk assessment conducted by ESS determines the risk levels for all areas in which employees may perform work.An arc flash risk assessment conducted by ESS determines the risk levels for all areas in which employees may perform work. This study saves lives and money by ensuring safe work practices and minimizing the possibility of injuries and lost time accidents. Arc flash risk studies are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and NFPA 70E.


An arc flash study identifies the presence and location of potential hazards and provides recommendations for personal protective equipment, boundaries for limited and restricted approaches, recommendations for flash protection, and safe work practices.


How Does An Arc Flash Risk Assessment Work?


Phase I

An ESS field technician will collect the necessary information to complete the arc flash study. The data included in our assessment will begin at the point where your team takes ownership of the incoming electrical feed from the utility provider. Our team will work downstream through your system to include all points deemed capable of producing an arc per the IEEE 1584 standard


Phase II

Once the data collection process is complete, we use the data gathered during the first step to build a comprehensive SKM model of your electrical system. After we have the model in place, our engineers will conduct a short circuit analysis, an interrupt rating analysis, a coordination study, and an incident energy analysis. After all the analyses are completed, we will use the calculated information to create and print the corresponding arc flash labels.


Phase III

When we have printed all of your labels, we make a return trip to your facility for the installation of the labels and four hours of NFPA 70E awareness training. Our installation process is thorough and complete; we will apply all of the labels for you. We do this to ensure all electrical points are properly labeled. This also allows our team to complete a quality check on the original data collection for the arc flash risk assessment.


ESS is the only arc flash provider in the industry that uses the label installation as an opportunity to update your report and single-line drawings per the findings during the delivery of arc flash labels. In doing this, our field technician will report any changes/updates back to our engineers upon completion of labeling, allowing the engineer time to update your report and drawings as necessary. If needed, new labels can also be created during this phase. Once all reports and drawings are confirmed to be fully accurate, the report and drawings will be provided to your team.


Nationwide Arc Flash Studies And Training From ESS


In addition to arc flash studies, ESS also provides arc flash safety training classes nationwide. If you are interested in training for multiple locations or concerned about the consistency of training throughout your corporation, Electrical Safety Specialists can develop and implement customized safety training throughout your company.


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