Electrical Safety Training Is Key To Keeping Employees Safe

Electrical Safety Training, which is one of the most important goals at Electrical Safety Specialists, is to give you the tools necessary for a complete Electrical Safety Program and to elevate the awareness of electrical hazards. Electrical Safety Specialists believes that if people truly understand the hazards and risks involved with electrical energy, not only will electrical safety be encouraged, it will be accepted with open arms. Once everyone understands the benefits of electrical safety, people will be willing and rewarded for practicing safe work practices.

Risk takers           
Is risk taking an acceptable practice in your facility? There are many warning signs in most facilities to check whether or not there are risk takers present. Some of these signs are; numerous panel and or control cabinets left open, statements like “I can’t work in gloves”, or the general attitude of “it takes too much time” or “they will never let me shut this down to work on it.” These are all signs that risk taking is an acceptable practice in your facility.  This is a very dangerous situation and means that people have been desensitized or have become complacent with the dangers of electricity. 

Train for NFPA 70E arc flash training at ESS.

The stage for a catastrophic event has been set and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a reality. The only way to turn this around must start at a management level. The supervisors must understand and respect the dangers involved in electrical work. They must lead by example and show an honest concern for the safety of their employees. Electrical Safety Training provided by Electrical Safety Specialists will teach people the dangers of taking risks.

Communication is the key.            
The best way to start your company on the path to safety is to keep an open line of communication. You would be amazed how many times that Electrical Safety Specialists have been in facilities where the people in the field start telling us about an extremely dangerous situation they have to perform on a regular basis because no one will let them shut it down.

Then, when we have a discussion with the safety manager, they had no idea this practice was even occurring. There was a break in communications, either the employee didn’t feel comfortable speaking their concerns or the concerns fell on deaf ears somewhere in the chain of command. Employees must know that their safety is very important to the company and their safety concerns will not be taken lightly. The Electrical Safety Training, offered nationwide by Electrical Safety Specialists, will help educate both the workers and the safety manager.

Famous last words           
We have been doing electrical work this way for years and nobody has been killed yet.” Electricity is opportunistic not just dangerous. It is also very patient. Electricity will wait for months or years for that perfect opportunity to strike and cause damage or even death. Electricity can be thought of a predator with no concept of time and will stalk you for a lifetime waiting for one slip of the hand or one complacent act and lives will change forever.  

Stay “SAFE” work “SMART”

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