Lockout Tagout Training – What You Need to Know for 2023 Safety

Lockout Tagout Training is the first step to an exceptional safety program for your facility and employees. Implementing a world-class lockout tagout program in 2023 can be an easy process when you understand the elements involved. Proper training, developing procedures, annual program audits, and good signage are vital elements for preventing accidents and improving compliance.
Lockout Tagout (LOTO) compliance prevents 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries a year, with injuries that can vary from amputations to electrocution. LOTO applies to both affected employees and authorized employees. The OSHA regulation reference for lockout tagout is 29 CFR 1910.147.

Are You LOTO Compliant? 

The two most significant root causes of cases ESS have investigated throughout their years of experience are lack of training and complacency. When drilling into the root causes of accidents involving LOTO, the leading cause of accidents are:
  • Lack of machine specific procedures
  • Failure to identify machine energy sources
  • No training for new hires
  • No training for affected employees (only authorized)
  • No lockout tagout safety orientation for contractors and visitors
  • Lack of communication between affected and authorized employees
  • Failure to stop equipment
  • Failure to apply locks and tags
  • Lack of compliance enforcement (supervision)

Why Do I Need a LOTO Audit?

A sustainable lockout tagout program requires audits by employees knowledgeable about the operations. There are three types of audits for the implementation of a compliant lockout management system:

  • Lockout tagout program audit
  • Machine specific procedure audit
  • Authorized Employee audit

Audits are required at least annually to certify that written procedures are accurate. 

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Lockout Tagout Training in Kansas City and Nationwide

ESS are experts in electrical safety, maintenance, testing, design, and assessment services for electrical projects. We provide on-site lockout tagout training for employees, anywhere in the United States. For more information about nationwide Lockout Tagout Training, contact ESS at (816) 925-0443 or click here.

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