Electrical Safety Training Is Provided Nationwide By Electrical Safety Specialists

Electrical Safety Training, which is a major goal at Electrical Safety Specialists, is to give you the tools necessary for a complete Electrical Safety Program and to elevate the awareness of electrical hazards. We believe at Electrical Safety Specialists that if people truly understand the hazards and risks involved with electrical energy, not only will electrical safety be encouraged, it will be accepted with open arms. Once everyone understands the benefits of electrical safety, people will be willing and rewarded for practicing safe work practices.  

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
Everyone has probably heard this at least once in their life. The saying holds true in the electrical industry on many levels. One thing that might come to mind, is an electrician might put his or herself at great risk because in his or her mind they may think they have a complete understanding of the task at hand, when in fact they are not aware of the whole situation. “Did they verify if there is a potential of more than one source of power, such as the possibility of an automatic transfer switch engaging or is their meter properly protected for the voltage at hand?”

This saying also holds true in the evolution of the electrician. As the years past and the electrical worker became more educated through apprenticeships and other forms of formal education, this inspired a new breed of electrical worker. This new breed of electrical worker has enough skills and understanding of the way electricity works to place themselves in precarious situations on a daily basis. In most of these situations, you would have a hard time finding a Hollywood stunt man to take their place. These new electricians can walk into a facility work on and fix electrical equipment without disrupting power or the environment around them. A common nickname for these individuals is “SPARKY”

Electricians will encounter small to sometimes large arc flashes and shocks periodically and consider it all in a day’s work. Their reward for this behavior is praise from supervisors and production leaders on how they completed their project with minimal or no disruption in power. They also receive the comments like “I can’t believe you did that “Hot”. This can be a big high for an electrician and creates an environment for him or her to become an adrenaline junkie, per say. He or she will take larger and larger risks as the years go by to feed this sensation. This is why Electrical Safety Training is so important.

 On the flip side or from the company’s point of view and even the electrical supervisor point of view, if an electrician came into their plant and didn’t disrupt production he or she was considered a quality electrician. However, if an electrician came in regardless of his skills, knowledge, or mechanical ability and said, “We need to shut this down to make it electrically safe,” he or she would not be looked as highly upon.  Electrical Safety Training teaches the hazards of electricity and more.

Over the years, this attitude was taught from one generation to the next until taking personal risks was just part of being a quality electrician, which brings us to a new concern. 

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