ESS Proud to Offer Electrical Safety Training Nationwide

Electrical Safety Specialists also known as ESS are proud to offer the best electrical safety training nationwide.  Providing training in various skills, ESS training knowledge allows their staff to teach employees on many different levels, including a QEW program for qualified workers that provides hassle free documentation for employers.  Trainers are Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professionals (CESCP), certified to guarantee they can provide the highest quality training possible.

Electrical safety training is important because it keeps you and your employees safe. By employing qualified personnel, it will help decrease the company’s liability, death rate, lost time injuries and costly¬†OSHA¬†citations.
ESS offers different forms of electrical safety training to electrical workers. They are as follows; NFPA 70E Training, which is an introductory course to arc flash and electrical hazards. Lockout Tagout Training, a safety precaution to make sure that dangerous equipment is handled properly. And Qualified Electrical Worker Training for any worker coming in contact with 50 volts of electricity or more. Ess teaches you PPE requirements, meter safety, proper voltage safety procedures, hazard risk assessment and much more. 
In addition to electrical safety training, ESS also offers services in:

  • Thermal¬†Imaging – Electrical thermal imaging which provides infrared surveys to ensure that you have a functional monitoring program and meet applicable insurance requirements.
  • Preventive¬†Maintenance – Monitoring and maintenance testing for any electrical equipment. ESS standardized documentation clearly shows your compliance with electrical hazard safety.
  • Circuit¬†Tracing – Identifying and labeling circuits that meet OSHA guidelines.
Electrical Safety Specialists are well equipped to ensure that every aspect of your electrical company and its employees are safety aware, well trained and within OSHA codes and regulations. As a nationwide company ESS can provide services for you corporate wide. These services will encompass all your electrical safety needs. Be sure to contact ESS today!


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